GLOBAL WEATHER - The Easiest Weather Forecast! apple

This is a unique, interactive, very easy to use new weather application that is as simple as it could be. Just tap anywhere on the screen and see a bubble pop up with the local forecast at exactly this position. That’s all you need to do to get a forecast! Celsius or Fahrenheit, inch or mm, knots or mph – it’s your choice.

Have fun, use city search or the magnifier with a crosshair to exactly place the weather information bubble and set up your favorite spots.

GLOBAL-LOCAL – a stunning eye-catcher:

Enjoy a fascinating view from space showing our planet Earth with worldwide clouds. Explore Global-Local’s spectacular meteorological snapshot to observe what kind of weather conditions could develop. This stunning eye-catcher is paired with an automatic update of local weather worldwide.

To use this feature, you must be online. The data for the worldwide cloud formation will be updated every three hours. Regardless of the cloud update the daylight area is calculated every 10 minutes, by shifting slowly the shadow of the night.

You can tap anywhere on the screen and see a bubble pop up with the local forecast at exactly this position.

Local weather can be displayed for any location world wide, and is by default presented for the current GPS position. Up to ten locations with local weather information can be added by touching the screen at the corresponding position.

An eight day forecast with weather information such as condition description for wind (direction, speed), temperature, rain, humidity, clouds, fog, pressure will be displayed.

This includes sunset and sunrise information.

The positions of these bubbles (up to 10) are remembered, so you will see the weather in your favorite places all around the world every time Global-Local launches.

World clock. Analog and digital time is displayed in the bubble. It can be turned on and off in settings.

City search. Find a specific location by entering the city/town name. Any city/town worldwide with a minimum of 1000 inhabitants can be searched directly in Global-Local.

Airport Search. Find any airport worldwide by ICAO, IATA code or name, or nearby, referring to a 1 degree circle around your current position.

Magnifier. In case, you’ve forgotten your reading glasses, the magnifier function helps you. Just keep your finger a second on the screen until a magnifying circle pops up. The magnifier displays a crosshair and makes it easier to exactly place the information bubble. When you release the screen, the bubble pops up.

Share. Share GLOBAL-LOCAL weather forecasts via email, Twitter, Facebook etc.

Local time and UTC. Global-Local offers two different options to display time - either in UTC or in local time as those settings in the iPhone/iPad/iPod touch.

Zoom. Global-Local view can be zoomed by factor 4.

vailable in: deutsch, français, italiano, english, español, português, Nederlands

Customisable. Customer configuration for Global-Local. The transparency of the bubble, the pointing arrow as well as the cloud intensity are configurable.

(Important! In order to avoid mobile data fees, the loading of the clouds is turned off by default, unless the device is connected via wifi. If you want to use this function despite incurring mobile data fees, it must be activated in the settings.)