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Revolutionary app - ★★★★★
This app places you in the same revolutionary point of view as those 1960s astronauts, who brought us new way of looking at the earth from space. Using the app, you will properly understand the global connections of you local weather systems. Everyone should have this app.Australia - by SMI-LER on Friday, June 02 2012 version 1.1

TC - ★★★★★
We have travelled extensively in Europe in the last 2 years in our VW Campervan, and have used GL extensively to help decide our routes and stops. It has proved to be very consistent with its forecasts and we particularly like the hour by hour breakdown of the weather conditions. We would highly recommend the app. It has also enabled us to check the weather in various parts of the Uk and in Denver Colorado, where our children and their families are living. An excellent forecasting ap. United Kingdom - by Grey packers! on Saturday, July 07 2012 version 1.1

Piloto - ★★★★★
Buena app - Chile by Lupufafa on Monday, December 24 2012 version 1.2

Application - ★★★★★
Application - Super appli très utile je m en sert tout les matin mérite les 5 étoiles dommage quelle soit pas plus connu… - France - by Alexandre44 on Monday, April 16 2012 version 1.1

Great new weather app - ★★★★★ Gorgeous planetary visuals!!!! Congratulations to the designer! Appears to have totally comprehensive info on ANY spot worldwide. 3 times more info than Accu weather. Very user friendly. Map with cloud patterns best I ever saw. Gives a real understanding of weather patterns and what is happening. 5 stars from me on this one. USA - by Cartech2222 on Thursday, April 12 2012 version 1.1

Buona - ★★★★★
Buona apps. con un’ottima grafica e, per ora, anche precisa nelle rilevazioni, facile da usare Da provare. Italy - by Redrain 54 on Saturday, April 14 2012 version 1.1

Pure bonheur - ★★★★★
Cette application est un pure bonheur … Belgium - by Fred Gillet on Saturday, June 02 2012 version 1.1

Globale locale - ★★★★★
Bella app e anche precisa Italy - by nonino26 on Thursday, August 09 2012

Prima app - ★★★★
Vooruitzichten van het weer een week vooruit.Ook de wereldkaart die steeds geüpdatet wordt is leuk gedaan. Netherlands - by Vlodrop on Sunday, March 11 2012 version 1.1